If ever you looked in the mirror and saw an aging imperfection with feelings unmoored,

be thankful. Even the most beautiful seasons can be rough around the edges.~

Fallen petals from a bloom which was once complete.

Every struggle shapes us to be beautifully flawed.


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Life’s Elixir

Happiness and Joy. Is there a difference?

Not sold in stores

Through life, I have come to know the meaning of happiness and the meaning of joy. I also have come to know the difference between the two.

Happiness is limited. Happiness is external. Happiness is fleeting. Happiness fades. But Joy….

Ahh…Joy is limitless. Joy is internal. Joy is endless…constant and permanent. Joy is being happy despite the circumstances.

But unlike many beauty fads, it does not come in a bottle nor a pill. It’s not a cream to apply twice a day. It’s not sold in stores on shelves.

Joy is only found in living the good life God intended for us through Him. Once we’ve found it and experienced it…it’s up to us to share it with others.

The beauty of being  joyful  is the nourishing and comforting elixir we all need.

Seek and you will find.

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Beauty Reminder


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from the outside…looking in

Beauty is all about looking inward…

Step outside the window and see what others see…

you just might be amazed.     ~Laura


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DP: Discover Challenge/A Piece of Advice

leave some sparkle where ever you go…


Let Your Inner Beauty Shine

Although outer beauty can be attractive to the eye, inner beauty will captivate the heart. Here are a few helpful tips to enhance your inner beauty.

For those beautiful eyes, always look for the good in others. Try to always concentrate and focus on their positive traits.

Want to look younger?  Share your beautiful smile and laughter with others often. A smile is vibrant and attractive. Don’t hide it! Flaunt It!

In order to have those amazing lips, say what you need to say in a positive, loving way. Never gossip or talk negative about others.

Want that wonderful glow? Think positive! Don’t focus on the problem but rather, the solution.

To gain that sexy, catwalk posture, choose to walk in happiness each day.

To maintain healthy, looking hands, keep them active by helping those around you. Pay-It-Forward through good deeds.


I hope these few tips come in handy on those days when you need a reminder of just how beautiful you are and how to bring out the inward beauty for all to see.

Please share some of your inner beauty tips and in the meantime,


Apply Daily…

When you’re comfortable in your own skin…you’re beautiful!

The best makeup you could ever wear is confidence.

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