F.Y.I./Just Breathe

Have you ever had to use eye drops but find that it sometimes runs to only ruin your makeup? Try this. Breathe air through your nose as the drops are inserted into your eyes. Your tear ducts will suck in the drops before they have a chance to fall down your face.

I personally have not tried this yet, but I will. With allergy season here, I am always having this problem while using eye drops. Let me know if this works for you?

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A Little F.Y.Eye

Get rid of those dark circles: 

Just use a salmon color concealer to help camouflage those under eye circles. The pink shade will counteract the bluish undertones.

Smile…It looks good on you!

a handy solution…


Beauty Tip #5:

For healthier looking hands, rub a slice of lemon on the backs. This will help lighten any age spots and help prevent future ones.

Good Hair Days…

Did You Know?
Despite what shampoo commercials suggest, never shampoo more than once a day. Shampoo strips your hair of essential oils, so over-shampooing can cause your hair to be dry and damaged.

the more you know…


Eye Cream Is Great For Cuticles
Instead of spending money on cuticle cream, you can use extra-moisturizing and hydrating eye cream to heal dry cuticles.

Nail Polish 101

Beauty Tip #4:

Don’t shake polish. It may cause tiny bubbles to form which can cause chipping. Roll the bottle between your palms instead.