Even though my frayed, faded and holey jeans are not so natty

my toes are stylin’ in a polish of pretty pale pink

and I feel just beautiful.




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If ever you looked in the mirror and saw an aging imperfection with feelings unmoored,

be thankful. Even the most beautiful seasons can be rough around the edges.~

Fallen petals from a bloom which was once complete.

Every struggle shapes us to be beautifully flawed.


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Life’s Elixir

Happiness and Joy. Is there a difference?

Not sold in stores

Through life, I have come to know the meaning of happiness and the meaning of joy. I also have come to know the difference between the two.

Happiness is limited. Happiness is external. Happiness is fleeting. Happiness fades. But Joy….

Ahh…Joy is limitless. Joy is internal. Joy is endless…constant and permanent. Joy is being happy despite the circumstances.

But unlike many beauty fads, it does not come in a bottle nor a pill. It’s not a cream to apply twice a day. It’s not sold in stores on shelves.

Joy is only found in living the good life God intended for us through Him. Once we’ve found it and experienced it…it’s up to us to share it with others.

The beauty of being  joyful  is the nourishing and comforting elixir we all need.

Seek and you will find.

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The empowerment of a woman is in the acceptance of her flaws which makes her beautiful all the more. ~ Laura

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The Beautiful Mundane

One of the many beautiful moments we can experience
is finding the marvelous in the mundane. 

As much as we try to eliminate the monotony, life can still be quite boring sometimes. We often live out the well-known idiom…’same old same old’ kind-of-life, and rarely notice the beauty it can bring.

While walking down my neighborhood street,  the road taken by a select few, I noticed many signs of spring. The clouds overhead were moving to a steady breeze, flowers were making their appearance after winters cold season,  geese flew over as they frequent the nearby pond, the busyness from the birds while flying from tree to limb and then there was this single, yellow dandelion in the middle of the concrete street.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m just weird, but I pulled out my cell phone from my back pocket and snapped a shot of the lifeless yellow. What could anyone possibly see in such a mundane moment? I often find myself turning everyday moments into the marvelous. Maybe it’s just the writer coming out. Maybe I just over-think things or maybe I just want an excuse to add another photo to my collection of iPhone pics. Whatever the reason was, my thoughts kept coming back to how this broken dandelion ended up in the middle of the concrete street.

Because of the climate in the Richmond area, grass will go dormant during the cold months which gives it a light brown appearance. I really dislike brown grass. Although the grass looks dead, it is still very much alive and the lush green begins to thrive in the spring. The marvelous thing I find in this is the fact that while most lawns are still trimmed in brown, somehow that little yellow dandelion knew it was time to exist.

The thought of how this wild weed landed where it did intrigued me. Perhaps a bird dropped it while flying overhead to place in its nest. Or maybe, it was brushed from lawn to street from a neighborhood jogger. It could be that the hard wind from the night before simply snapped the stem and had blown its brokeness to another world.

But what I choose to imagine, is simply enchanting. On this particular day, a father and son, (of toddler age), were taking in the sights of the neighborhood. One thing I failed to mention was the fact that the construction of a new house had recently started across from my home. This father and son had been taking in the sights and sounds of the construction from the very first day. Everyday, the father would hold his son’s hand and walk to the empty lot. As the ‘little one’ pointed from left to right, I could just imagine overhearing their conversation. “Wut’s’s dat? And dat?” he might have muttered.  The father seemed quite patient with his son. Always taking his time. Never rushing his ‘little one.’

From this moment on is where the mundane ends and the magic begins. Everything I have written is true. But how that broken misplaced dandelion found its way to the concrete street is anyone’s guess. But let me share my thoughts…

Curiosity is a toddlers middle name. The father’s ‘little one’ was curious. Curious about everything. But the father slowed down and savored the experience. Taking the toddlers lead, they walked over to the edge of the road. His ‘little one’ reached down and plucked a handful of dandelions. As he opened his hand, the only treasure found in his palm were three yellow flowering tops. No stems. The father saw his frustration and bent down to show him how to pull the treasure from the stem. With his hand over his sons, together they managed to pull two dandelions with stems attached. “Good job,” the father said. “Mommy will love these.”

I am reminded of a quote I recently read.

A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.” ~  pauol Coelho


Watching this father with his precious son and imagining what could have easily happened reminds me of the people in this vast world that find the marvelous in the hum-drum mundane moments of life. Not only do they find it, but they also share it with people much like myself  who purposefully imagine it,  photograph it, write about it and then crazily share it with people like you. But let’s get back to the story…

The child was very proud of what he had accomplished. It’s not an easy feat for a ‘little one’ to pluck a dandelion from the ground and it remain in its completeness. The father scooped him up into his arms and the ‘little one’ gripped onto his mommy’s treasure. An airplane flew overhead which often did each day. This one was coming in for a landing and was very low; just above the rooftops.  Did I forget to mention I live in the outskirts of the city but just within a few miles from an airport?  Yes. I do. The small child pointed up with eager eyes. “Wut’s dat? he asked again. “That’s an airplane.” his fathered answered. “Can you say airplane?” While looking off into the distance, the small tight grip loosened and unknowingly to the child, one dandelion slipped from his hand and landed to the pavement.

The yellow dandelion lay alone in the middle of the concrete just waiting for someone to come along and pick it up. Just waiting for that mundane moment to come alive. Waiting for the marvelous. But wait. The marvelous was already there. It was there in those first signs of spring to that very moment when the dandelion fell to the pavement….and every moment in between. And it all took was for me to find one single yellow dandelion in the middle of the concrete street.

Life is what we make it. Seeing the marvelous in the mundane isn’t always easy but is possible.  Life’s magic is all around us. We must seek it. Open our minds to a new perspective, even if it’s through the eyes of a child. Look for the good in everything. Uncover its meaning and purpose. Claim and use it. Share it with others. That’s the Beauty of seeing the marvelous in the mundane.

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5 Ways to Be Beautiful

Deep down inside, we all want to be beautiful in our own way. The trick is bringing out the best in you and others will see your beauty.

I believe there is something beautiful to be found in all of us. Yes, we all have our days when we are not our best spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically…but even on those day, we are still beautiful.

If you have ever done any act of human kindness for others in the past, present or future…you can honestly say you are beautiful. Here are just a few ways I think beauty is defined.


  1. Take notice of all the beauty around you. Appreciate the small things in life and build upon it.
  2. Have an open heart, an open ear and an open mind to others. Do not judge or assume anyone or anything.
  3. Give without expectations. Someone out there needs someone. Let it be you.
  4. Share the positive. Say or do something nice for others.
  5. Give yourself a break. Realize you are special and unique. Love who you are, flaws and all.

Beauty isn’t about being ‘picture perfect.’

It’s about being you.

Being the best you can be.

Being real.

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Beautifully Broken

Much like the seashell left behind,

With every struggle endured; something beautiful remains.

She is Beautifully Broken.


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