Welcome to She Walks in Beauty. My name is Laura and I am a wife, mother and a grandmother, with many passions but my most recent ones are Blogging and Photography. I’ve learned a lot about the blogging world and I still have much to learn, but one thing I have learned is…beauty and fashion has made a statement in the blogging world and I realized I had something to say about the popular trends.

I am a simple country girl. I was born and raised in a small town in North Central WV growing up as a coal miner’s daughter, so beauty and fashion was not my main focus. If you could describe me in one word, it would be “Simplicity.”

While noticing and visiting many blogs, I have become more interested in the world of fashion and beauty.

This blog is not your typical fashion or makeup blog but rather…my hope is to not only give beauty tips for the outward woman but also give positive, encouraging beauty tips for the inner woman, as well.

I hope with each post, each woman will learn a few tips and facts for her outward appearance but most importantly,

feel beautiful from the inside out!


12 thoughts on “About

    • Laura says:

      Thanks. No. It actually came from my thoughts one day while watching people on the street. People-watching inspires me. She was older and alone but walked with such confidence that it was just beautiful. Thanks for asking.:)


    • Laura says:

      Hi Aditi. Yes, She Walks in Beauty is a blog I started but unfortunately, can not seem to give it the time I wanted to. I try to post as often as I can. I also have this one on FaceBook as well as a Facebook Page for The View From My Window. I try to keep up with my Photos By Laura (Facebook) Page, my Child Care Page, a well as Twitter and Pinterest. It’s hit and miss on some, but I try to always keep going with The View Blog.
      Thanks for following. With recent traveling nd working full time, I have so many unread emails to catch up on. LOL

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  1. Cezane & Michelle says:

    Hey Bud! You run quite a fascinating blog with great Intel and a mixture of amazing content through your talent! You have a gift, i am bound to enjoy all my time here. Cheers! Following you right away. – Cezane

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