5 Ways to Be Beautiful

Deep down inside, we all want to be beautiful in our own way. The trick is bringing out the best in you and others will see your beauty.

I believe there is something beautiful to be found in all of us. Yes, we all have our days when we are not our best spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically…but even on those day, we are still beautiful.

If you have ever done any act of human kindness for others in the past, present or future…you can honestly say you are beautiful. Here are just a few ways I think beauty is defined.


  1. Take notice of all the beauty around you. Appreciate the small things in life and build upon it.
  2. Have an open heart, an open ear and an open mind to others. Do not judge or assume anyone or anything.
  3. Give without expectations. Someone out there needs someone. Let it be you.
  4. Share the positive. Say or do something nice for others.
  5. Give yourself a break. Realize you are special and unique. Love who you are, flaws and all.

Beauty isn’t about being ‘picture perfect.’

It’s about being you.

Being the best you can be.

Being real.

Copyright 2017 ~ She Walk in Beauty

All Rights Reserved



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