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unsaid words


There comes a point in your life when you start doubting yourself and your abilities The small things that make you happy,those big dreams you promised yourself as a little girl ,everything takes a backseat in your life.

you know why because you started to values someone else more than yourself ,someone who does not know your worth .who overlooks your goodness,your kindness ,and your intelligence. and keep you reminding your faults,your flaws and your failures.eventually you start believing them ,you start focussing on your flaws rather accepting and loving yourself as you are.

you fail to realize that you are theepitome of qualities ,you have always admired in others because“YOU AND I ARE MIRRORS ,WE SEE OURSELVESVES IN OTHERS”.

So always remember.Never ever do that to yourself .Love others but don’t you dare forget yourself when you remember people you love.Do things to make others happy butremember,to…

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